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Access To Music

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1 year course Level 2- ( GCSE grade A*-C equivalent )
Perfect for instrumental or vocal performers wanting to further their repertoire, experience live gigs, event planning and explore the real world of musicianship.

1 year course Level 3- ( A Level equivalent )
Students of Music Performance level 2 can progress naturally onto level 3 to further their development and skills.
We do accept students straight onto level 3 if their GCSE results and musical skills are at the required level

1 year course Level 1- (GCSE grades D-G equivalent )
A perfect starter course for anyone with passion and enthusiasm for music but without the required skill to start a level 2. As part of this course we teach functional skills, employability and personal management as well as music performance and technology basics.

MUSIC TECHNOLOGY - Production and DJ
1 year course Level 2
Great for any budding soung engineer or producer, work with all the lastest equipment both in our studio and Apple mac technology suites, learn about live sound engineering and produce and compose your own music from drum n bass to dubstep

MUSIC TECHNOLOGY- Production and DJ or Sound Engineering
1 year course Level 3
A natural progression from level 2, enhance your skills and take it up a step. If you already have a good grasp of the production and engineering side of things and have GCSE grades A-C, you can join us straight onto level 3 in either Sound Engineering OR Music Production

1 year course Level 2
Love the music industry but not musical? This is the course for you, learn about event planning, record companies, music journalism and get a great general view of the industry and how it works

1 year course Level 3
Love the music industry but not musical? This is the course for you, learn about event planning, record companies, music journalism and get a great general view of the industry and how it works

1 year course Level 4 ( first year degree )
Professional music artists (singer/songwriters, producers and bands) have always relied on A&R teams and management to help them develop their music and potential. Today fewer artists benefit from this process, as record labels and production companies have been forced to cut costs in a digital age. The solution is our Artist Development programme which replicates the typical processes of artist and repertoire development within a robust educational framework.

Access to Music York runs from a commercial rehearsal and studio business which means that your place of learning is at the heart of the regional music scene.

All our staff are experienced musicians, they will get to know who you are, what you want to be and how you want to develop as an artist. We have a proven track record of past students going on to university and into the industry.

Access to Music York benefits from being part of the UK’s leading popular music college, which has pioneered popular music education in this country for 20 years. This means your education and training is quality-assured by our national team. Access to Music designs its own music qualifications in partnership with Rockschool, so our courses are the most up-to-date and relevant for 16-18s looking to get into the music industry.
We believe in 'Real world' education, real gigs, real events taught by tutors with real experience. We believe in encouraging initiative, creativity, individualism and passion.

York is a great place to study music. It has a lively music and cultural scene and there are plenty of opportunities to get out and perform or work, at venues or festivals. You'll also benefit from the amazing industry opportunities provided by our national contacts within the industry.

Start your career in the music industry here.

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