Rehearsal Rooms

We are Yorks number 1 rehearsal venue, established in 1997!


Our Rehearsal rooms are fully sound proofed and acoustically treated to ensure you get a great sound! Each room comes with a powerful PA and 2 microphones, with stands stands. Drum kits, guitar amps and bass amps available for hire so if you to ,  want you can just turn up, plug in and play!



                                                                       PRICE LIST

Evening Sessions

With no extra equipment:-

1 Hour      =    £15

2 Hours    =    £25

3 Hours    =    £30

4 Hours    =    £35


With full backline (Drum shells, stands and pedals, x2 guitar amps and 1 bass amp)


2 Hours    =    £30

3 Hours    =    £35

4 Hours    =    £40


Other equipment (per session)

Skeleton drumkit (Drum shells, stands and pedals)    =    £6

Amps   ( guitar and bass )                                               =    £4

Keyboards                                                                        =    £5

Cymbal sets                                                                      =    £5

Guitar / bass guitar                                                         =    £5


Off peak 10% student / NHS  discount weekends and daytimes in college holidays.

A £1 charge will be due for all paypal transactions.

There are five rehearsal rooms of different shapes and sizes to suit whatever kind of band etc you may be.

Extra parking now available.

We always make every effort to fit everyone on the drive but we ask that on busy nights, bands limit the amount of vehicles they leave to 2.